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Job Offers for Work & Travel Participants

If you already have a program sponsor, but you are looking only to get a job offer (j1 work), we can help you. United Work Programs accepts applications for both summer and winter seasons.

Please contact us to fill in Work & Travel application form for job offer to proceed

Apply now for your Work & Travel J1 job offer

Currently, there are several positions for the exchange students available in:
Florida and California resorts
Type of jobs: resort workers (waiters, housekeepers, servers)
Wage: $7.50+ per hour
40 hours+ per week

To get a job offer you should:

Send us the following information to jobs@unitedworkprograms.com

- Your resume (in English). For some positions a photo might be required but this is not a mandatory rule.
- Arrival date
- Sponsor name. If your sponsor requires a special form to be filled in by the US employer, please email it to us.
- Your preferences/requirements. We will do our best to find a job place which meets your requirements.

After we find a place that suits you we will send you a notification along with an invoice. Please note we will not allocate a job offer for you until the payment is received.

You will get a job offer by email within 3 work days after the payment is received.

Many thanks and good luck with your application!

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